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1965 Triumph Vitesse 6 - Restored 2019

THE SALEWe have consigned this 1965 Triumph Vitesse 6, Tom re-bought the car after seeing it sitting on eBay in a sorry state. He restored the car to most of its original specifications after having so much sentimental value of this fine example.This car is for sale with a guide price of £10,000 to £11,000 - hence the middle £10,500 listed here.If you're interested in the car then please get in touch with us directly to negotiate a deal.You can visit the link below to see over 300 images and videos of this special car and also watch an interview with the owner:https://www.tradeclassics.com/auctions/triumph/1965-triumph-vitesse-6/OUR CLIENT

When Tom was eighteen, he saw all of his...

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