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Triumph Spitfire - June 1979

Hi,This is an auction for a Triumph Spitfire.I purchased this vehicle in 2013 with a mind to break it and make money. Anyway, something changed my mind (she talked to me !!!) and I made it a mission to get it back on the road.I succeeded. It's had two MOT's since I bought it (2017 / 2018 I think) - but it is now MOT exempt so has not been back. Also Tax exempt as of this year I believe. The last time I took it for MOT, it failed only on a rear brake cylinder. Well I had one in the garage so replaced and it passed. First time with the MOT - passed straight away !!It was a bit of a mess when I bought it. I think the only saving feature was that it had a relatively new floorpan welded in. I made it run quite quick - so no major mechanicals wrong.Since that point - I have poured money and...

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