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Triumpht tr4

Hi heres my live axle Triumph Tr4a for saleI imported this car from America at the end of 2017 was left hand driveAll duties have been paid ,uk registered on 01 11 18 as you can see has an age related plate I have fitted a new right hand drive steering rack and moved the pedal boxMuch work has been done ,this is now a driver and makes a good rolling restoration It drives very well the brakes are all new , calipers ,pads ,shoes,copper brake lines,stainless hoses ,slave and master cylinders brake and clutch,wheel bearings,stainless exhaustThe engine has good compression , runs well ,carbs have been rebuilt just needs final set up and a good engine service ,new fuel pumpElectrically, lights work,horns work some switches need replacing ,i have fitted an alternator which runs through...

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